October 13th, 2004



I have my first job interview of the job hunt next week with LEAP. The job sounds like it'll start dull but get really interesting, and it has a lot of opportunity for growth. The organization sounds really excellent. But... do I want to take a job that looks like it wants to be a multi-year project? Sure, I don't have to stay longer than I want, but... we'll see how I feel after the interview.

In complicating news, it looks like the UMass Amherst MA program in translation includes courses in interpretation. Yay! I still need to explore other programs, and I may not get it together in time to apply for next year, but in any case, the big question of how much more work my Spanish needs, and how to make that happen, is suddenly looming. Perhaps a spring/summer trip to South America will be in order.

It's exciting to have movement on all these fronts. Scary, too.
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