October 24th, 2004


Thursday's interview

My second job interview of the week was on Thursday, with Jewish Vocational Services. The job would be managing their new food stamps program.

The interview went well, I thought, and it was long -- about an hour and a half -- but I'm not a shoe-in for the position. Nor, really, is the position a no-brainer for me. I'd be surprised if I don't get called back for a second interview, but I won't be surprised if I don't get an offer, and I'm not at all sure what I would do if I did get an offer.

I have some political questions about the position, or, more specifically, about the program, but several people have pointed out different perspectives on my questioning areas, so I'm not automatically ruling it out. Good things about the job would be that I would be helping people who qualify for assistance get assistance, and it would be a position, too, that really pushes my experience into a whole new realm, which I could definitely use.

While I was in the interview, though, my phone rang (oops!) -- when I checked the messages, it was another place wanting to talk to me about my resume. So although on one hand it feels silly for me to think about turning down BOTH of the jobs I interviewed for last week (although I obviously haven't decided, yet, and don't even have an offer, so I'm premature in thinking about that beyond anything but a theoretical level), on the other, I think it might be reasonable to try to hold out for jobs that zing me a little more.

today's view of the future

So, I'm looking at the requirements to go to school to be a translator and I'm feeling discouraged. What's so bad? Nothing surprising, of course, but the hurdle of getting to essentially perfect Spanish feels daunting right now, and I have to do that before I enter a translation/interpretation program. Oof.

All of this makes me worry about long term financial planning (even though I have two very generous offers of help from my parents and from one of their friends, which will be, obviously, awesome), even if I plan to do it in Argentina, where costs should be fairly lower than the US. And then there's the issue of leaving the US for more than a few months this time, which has its own chapter of problems and challenges (although also excitement, I'll admit).

And then I have to wonder if I shouldn't just track down a job in Argentina, so I can get my feet on the ground and be doing the Spanish thing every day, like it or not. In which case, I should forget this job search right now, get a temp job for the next couple of months, and be planning the hell out of things until February or March when I would take off.

*sigh* Won't someone make some decisions for me and just tell me the best option, already? Or, better yet, just let me be doing what I want to be doing, without obstacles!?

(The first person who tells me that overcoming obstacles builds characters gets it.)