October 29th, 2004


Today, I...

- cleaned the kitchen
- made a lasagna
- cleaned the kitchen again
- bought ingredients for another lasagna
- made another lasagna
- cleaned the kitchen
- made two pie shells
- cleaned the kitchen
- realized I had made a load of food, none of which was for eating today
- made myself an omlette for dinner
- I'll let you guess what I did after that...
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random web mail

Every once in a while, I get email from a stranger who has stumbled across my web page in some web search or another. Usually, these emails are religiously focused, most often they come from an angry Christian trying to talk me into The Way. The next most frequent category relates to the various poems I have on my site, often it's the author of the poem writing to say that they're pleased to see that their work is enjoyed. And then there's assorted other mail, from people who have seen something on the pages that rung a bell. This week was the first time that I've heard from someone who had recently decided he was agnostic, and found me on that: Collapse )