November 3rd, 2004


what else?

I woke up a couple of days ago with a bad feeling about my likelihood of finding a job I like and a good feeling about the election.

Last night, I went to bed with those moods reversed, and so it remains this morning.

How can this be? If only Bush really could live up to his "uniter not a divider" shpiel. But the fact is that everything he does is divisive. Am I more upset about his stance on the environment (God put it here so my friends and I could make money? You got a problem with that??) or on equal rights (Those fucking queers should all just die and go to hell.) or corporate interests (Screw the people, up with corporations!), which happens to be the issue that I think will shape politics (for the worse) for the next century or two.

But, instead, it looks like we're in for another four bitter years of BushCo and all that goes along with it, including increasing divisiveness and, apparently, a decreasingly effective Democratic Party.

Someone said this morning that a criticism of the Dems is that they've gone too far to the left and that's why they lost (again). This is, frankly, appalling to me, as I already find them way off to the right of where I want them (or someone) to be. We need more parties; we're too big a country to be run like this.

We also need some serious ethics lessons. Voter fraud, intimidation and apathy continue apace, and despite some ruckus about it here and there, really no one is doing anything about it. I guess those brown people just don't count.

I was hoping that Kerry would win the electoral vote and Bush the popular vote, in hopes of getting both parties motivated to make some change to the process, but that's obviously out. Up with The System, The Man, and The Dominant Paradigm.

In six hours, I leave for France for 10 days. Or, perhaps, for 10 years. I'll let you all know if I decide not to come back.
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What are you gonna do?

Score one for corporate cronyism and environmental rape. We're pretty much stuck with the current set of assholes for the next four years. That's four years for everyone who doesn't like it to DO SOMETHING.

Even if you're a Bush supporter (although to my knowledge I don't have any of them reading my journal), there are bound to be things that you don't like on the political map. And, of course, if you're not a Bush supporter, there are a lot of those things.

So what are you going to do? You're not gonna sit on your ass and mope and whine for the whole for years, are you?

I want a pledge from each of my readers to get out and do something active to move things in the direction you'd like to see them go in the next four years. Tell me what it is, share ideas, get motivated. Let's work together to get the revolution started.


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