November 17th, 2004


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One of the major "evils" of the day, in my opinion, is corporations, which are legally "people" but with no ethical responsibility to other people or society. A way that this impacts us daily is through corporate news sources -- all of our national news comes from them, and is tightly filtered through the corporate lens to give us only the news that the major media owners think we should have. This means we miss a lot. (See for more on this.)

What we may be missing today is a long list of voting fraud/irregularities that are being reported by local and independent media sources. Behind the cut tag below is a long rundown of some of what's happening on this front.

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As part of my resolution to Do Something with my dissatisfaction with this election, I am going to steal an idea from qwrrty and propose a day of letter-writing on this topic to encourage a more thorough investigation, both by news media and by governmental officials.

For the record, I don't actually expect this to change anything this election, but I think if we're going to call ourselves a democratic republic, we should be doing everything we can to live up to the label. I think this is a non-partisan issue and I encourage folks of all political persuasions to join me in writing to push for an investigation of irregularities.

I'm thinking about doing this the Friday, Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Please let me know if you're interested, and, if so, what dates/times work for you. I could probably be talked into hosting more than one event to this end :)