November 24th, 2004


A few words about beah's coolness

beah has done something that I can't imagine myself doing. Ever. She wrote a book. I like to fantasize that I could do it, but, in fact, I just don't have the drive. So that's very impressive to me

She's also really funny. I don't spend that much time with her, but when I do, she always manages to get me laughing.

She has a very charming blush.

beah also has a lovely Spanish accent (that is, her accent when she speaks Spanish, before you all start complaining about never having noticed her accent).

beah has some strange ideas about things, but, then, don't we all? :) Truly, she is quite fabulous!
naughty wosa

Why my mom rocks:

Well, she doesn't have a lj, but she's one of my most faithful commenters. That's right, it's my mom.

And why does she rock? This could get long...

First off, you have to understand that my mom's mom, and, really, whole childhood family, had some problems. And she somehow managed to pull herself out of them and build a much saner, more loving family for her adult (and my childhood) years. That's good because I would be a lot less fun to be around than she is if I'd been raised in the family she was. Is that convoluted enough?

My mom was of the "children are little people" school of thought before it was a bandwagon. This worked out well for me and my brother.

She makes kick-ass jewelry. Really, just ask anyone who's seen it. Or you could come over and see my jewelry collection for a small sampling of her great stuff. This has showed me that you can make a living doing something you love and never set foot in an office. I aspire to that.

My mom has travelled and held odd jobs and done all sorts of interesting and unusual things with her life. She and my dad were even in a movie! In Spain! How cool is that?

My mom did not die of the deadly potaytay (sp?), for which I am eternally grateful.

My mom was the mom that all my friends wished they had when we were teenagers, and I agreed with them.

She has also given me an excellent list of things not to bother trying, because she did and they weren't worth it. So I won't have to smoke banana peels experimentally, which is a great relief.

I could go on for a long time, but I'll close with this:

My mom manages to hold one of the viewpoints that I think is essential for the smooth functioning of a "mixed salad" multicultural democracy: The ability not to like a person's choices and still give him/her the freedom to make those choices, even when that person is her daughter. And she's helped me develop that ability in myself.

That really rocks. And so does she :)