January 30th, 2005


some observations through puffy eyes

Theraflu is disgusting. That's no surprise, What IS a surprise, however, is that the instructions include "Sip." Do the people who make Theraflu think that it's a tasty pre-bed beverage? If so, remind me never to attend a meal prepared by anyone involved in the making or marketing of Theraflu.

There are no pho restaurants that deliver to where I live now. This is the first major negative my current home has scored in comparison to my apartment in Brookline.

I'm feeling MUCH better. I'm still far from well, and, in fact, most of my symptoms (stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough) are still going strong, but the fatigue and utter exhaustion is... if not departed, clearly packing up and getting ready to move out.

I understand this thing has a rebound, though, so I think I'll continue to take it easy for the next week or so.