March 15th, 2005



Okay, so... I want to go to Guatemala on this splendid fare, but... I've been to Guatemala, and I'm not sure it's really worth my time to go for just a couple of weeks if I don't have a little more direction. My teachers at the Proyecto pretty much told me that more study won't be useful for me without a longer-term living there situation, so that won't work.

So. What to do? I think it would be fun to show someone(s) around, do some touring, visit my friends, etc.

So! Is anyone interested? May/June is the likely timeframe (May would be mango season, June is probably past), and we could probably do it for $550 - $1000 each (assuming the $300 fare from Boston), depending on length of time and how much penny-pinching we want to do.

I know this is a long shot, but I figured it's worth checking. I'd love to show someone(s) around my casa fuera de casa.