March 22nd, 2005

prickly owl

Not the best day ever

Yesterday was a tough one.

It started Sunday night when totient's and miss_chance's car really needed to go to the shop, which complicated me getting to work on Monday, typically the one day a week when I need a car (and thus have arranged to use theirs on those days). Normally, I could hit up my coworker for a ride, but she had already called me for a ride because the car she shares with her husband was going to be with him that day.

Okay, so I got online and reserved a rental, with some concern that a reservation made at 8pm on a sunday would be tough for them to handle for first thing the next day, especially given that I was going to the tiny Davis Sq location. Come morning, however, it worked fine, and they had a car, so off we went (and now I know how it works there, which is something I've been meaning to investigate, so that's a good thing.)

After a very productive day, I went to the Groton police and got my fingerprints done in anticipation of my Peace Corps interview on Wednesday (hooray!)

Then, on my way to dinner, I got my first ever traffic ticket for squeaking through a red light. It was a classic Massachusetts maneuver, and I was really hoping he would just give me a warning, but no. He cleverly (and nicely) cited me on the town statute rather than the state, so it's inexpensive enough that it's not worth my bothering to fight it, which would not have been the case if he'd charged me the $100 state fee. I had been hoping to go my whole life without getting a moving violation, but no dice.

After dinner, I was pretty wiped out, not having slept well, having had a full day, and capping it off with a ticket. What else can happen today? I wondered.

An hour and a half later, my dad emailed me and my brother to tell us that his dad, who's been in a slow decline for a few years, and a somewhat more recognizable decline for a couple of months, had died earlier in the day. (There will be more on this in a later post. Short form, however, is that we weren't close, so it's not a major upset, but it IS complicated.)

I'm aiming for a better day today.