April 11th, 2005


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I'm going out for a walk in the gorgeous sunshine in about 30 minutes. Anyone in the Davis area who wants to join me is welcome if you act quickly!
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NEFFA: great, as always

Man, what a great weekend.

I danced, I sang, I watched a variety of performances, I chatted with folks, and I danced some more. I managed to hit both medleys, which, since I got dragged into my first one a couple of years ago, have been the high point of my NEFFAs since.

NEFFA is one of the anchoring events of my year, and despite its being early this year, it came at the perfect time, really. Winter has gasped its last (I know, it's potentially too early to be saying that, but any freak late season snow we might see from here on out obviously won't last), and I've been emerging a bit more from the house, and with the perfectly amazingly fabulous weather this weekend, NEFFA was a great spring opener.

This year, I managed to avoid the bra-strap-fixing dance partners, and even, for the most part, the dead fish (though I ended up with a few of those for neighbors). Thus, my primary peeve amongst dance partners continued to be the ones who failed to make appropriate eye-contact whilst dancing. As dancing peeves go, that's not so bad, though!

wolfkitn was kind enough to partner with me for a bit of a waltzing workshop, despite my stepping on her toes: ouch!

I saw more people than I'm going to bother counting, and several people didn't recognize me with my new haircut! No, I have no pictures, but I will eventually.

I'm going to be making more of an effort to get to contra dances in the area, and company, encouragement, and ride-sharing are always welcome! In particular, I'm thinking about Mondays in Concord and Thursdays in Cambridge. I won't be going to both every week, but I'm hoping to get to more than one each month, possibly up to one a week! Want to join me? You know where to find me.
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I've been pondering this one for a while:

For those of you who are married or who've been married:

Why did you get married? Did it change your (primary) relationship to be married? How? (For those of you who are nonmonogamous, did it change your other relationships?)

Is marriage what you expected? How? How not? Is it what you hoped? Is it harder/easier?

If you could go back and give your pre-marriage self some advice or insight, what would it be?

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