May 15th, 2005

menorah dance


About four years ago, wolfkitn convinced me to try contra dancing. She and pumpkin_pi were getting married that fall, and they were planning to have contra dancing at their wedding. "Well!" though I, "I don't want my first time contra dancing to be at the wedding, so I'd best learn it now!" wolfkitn took me to several dances at the Concord Scout House that summer, and I loved it. For those of you who know how I wilt in the high heat and humidity, this will be significant: The Scout House isn't air conditioned, and I knew I was hooked when my first dance was one of those 75 degree, heavy, humid nights after a 95 degree day, and I STILL loved it. In fact, despite sweating more than I knew I physically could, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, at least not while dancing.

Since that summer, I've gone to dances irregularly, always saying to myself that I should do it more. Dancing feels like an undiscovered country, in some ways, that I know is some form of homeland, but that I don't motivate to explore as much as I should. Sometimes, I know I'll have a great time if I go to a dance, but getting there just seems like a huge hurdle. I'm working out ways to smooth out that hurdle, though, and wolfkitn's ongoing suggestions of dances to make a point to attend are helpful. The car-borrowing arrangement I have with totient has also been helpful, as I can sometimes use his car to get to dances that I might otherwise find too logistically difficult to attend. Other folks from the Davis area who have cars and who want to share rides now and again to Thursday dances in Cambridge, or possibly to Monday dances in Concord, should definitely let me know :)

Anyway, if I started contra dancing just shy of four years ago, it's been about three years that wolfkitn has been trying to get me to a Greenfield dance. Each summer, we say we'll do it, and then we don't plan it, and you know how busy summers can be. But about a month ago, we not only said, "Hey, we should figure out a Greenfield dance to hit!" -- we actually planned which weekend it would be! This is clearly the way to go. We picked this weekend, and then we waffled on which night to attend. Fridays are a nice community dance, but a bit smaller, and Saturday was a pretty awesome band, which was likely to draw a bigger, higher energy crowd. Both sounded like fun to me, and we decided not to choose, but, rather, to do both.

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My big hope, though, is to go back another weekend and try again, perhaps this time without so many injuries. And, of course, to do more dancing in the meantime.

To that end, I'm planning to hit this Thursday's dance in Cambridge, and I'd be happy to get together for dinner beforehand, or to figure out a ride-share arrangement with local(ish) folks, if there's interest.