July 17th, 2005


walking saturday

My only plan for the day was to attend sandhawke's bday gathering this evening, and since it was a relatively nice (if hot) day, I decided I'd walk. totient was good enough to provide me a map of bike paths in the area, which was helpful, as my original thought was to take the minuteman bike trail to Lexington and then walk down into Waltham from there. That was obviously not the most direct route, but I thought it would be better than roads. With the help of the map, I found a better route, which, by my rough calculations, saved me about a mile and a half.

Anyway, I left the house around 1, wandered through Art Beat for a bit and then struck out for the western 'burbs via the bike path to Alewife, and then a very nifty little unpaved path from there to Belmont, and from there on local roads: Blanchard -> Concord -> Clark -> Thomas -> Beech (somewhere along Beech there was a really nice little shop with tasty gelato) -> Burnham -> Sycamore -> Belmont -> Beaver -> Lexington -> Bacon.

All told, my rough measure off the map gives it as just over 8.5 miles, which isn't too shabby, and about 4 hours. I did bring enough water, but I could have used more sunscreen. Happily, I brought a sunhat, at least.

I felt pretty wiped out when I got there, but sitting in the a/c and drinking more water perked me up, and then I gave myself a short shower with the hose (note to self: next time, bring a change of clothes) and now it's 12:30AM, and I'm still awake! But not for long...

The party was nice, almost all people I didn't know, but who were fun to meet and chat with. And one of the other guests was kind enough to give me a ride home, so I didn't have to retrace my steps in the dark! :)
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tired and lazy

You'd think after my walking adventure yesterday, I would have slept late today. I didn't, really, though, and instead, I've been surpremely lazy, instead. I did do laundry, though, and change my sheets. Go, me!

One of the best things about walking to Waltham yesterday was refiguring my sense of local space. I find that local-type distances seem farther in cars, though I can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe because I'm removed from the space, or maybe there's a mental shift of, "Oh, this is so far, I have to drive to get there," or who knows what. And, of course, when you're driving, everything zooms by much more quickly.

I don't necessarily ALWAYS have time to walk four hours to visit a friend, but it's a shift in my geographical/spacial thinking to know that it's walking distance. This won't work for all y'all who live way out in the 'burbs, though, so maybe you should move closer in. I'm not sure I'd be inclined to walk much farther than 128, really.

Also, notes for next time:
* Pick a nicer day. Yesterday was lovely, but quite hot. A bit of a breeze would have been nice.
* Bring a change of clothes. Really, this one should have been obvious.
* Sunscreen. Again with the obvious.

I've occasionally entertained the idea of walking across the US, or hiking the AT. Days like yesterday bring those ideas to the fore.