July 28th, 2005


curses! foiled again!

Say you had dinner plans for a group of, oh, 12 or so, and when you called to make reservations, your planned locale replied that they don't have tables for parties of more than 8. Where would you go?

(Local to Cambridge/Boston, of course.)

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Tomorrow being my birthday, and also the five year anniversary of my having gotten a Mass driver's license, it's time for me to renew it! I'm torn, though. I could renew it online, keeping the current (ok, but dated) photo, or I could go in person and get an updated but potentially worse photo to carry around for the next few years. There's obvious convenience involved in doing it online, but...

I turn to you, my collected advisors, for your thoughts.

Poll #541552 Driver's license

Should I renew my driver's license online or in person?

Online: It's faster, more convenient, and you won't get a better photo no matter how hard you try
In person: It takes more time, but it's worth it for an updated, improved photo
Neither: drop out of the governmental registration process

Speaking of restaurants...

You all may (or may not) remember what a fan I am of Restaurant Week here in Boston.

Regardless of whether you remember or not, it's true. And it's approaching! August 22-26 will be an opportunity for fancy restaurant browsing the likes of which we haven't seen since last year around this time! I'll be leaving town the 26th, so I'll have to pack in all my exciting taste adventures from Monday to Thursday.

Check out the list of participating restaurants! Anyone care to join me? Anyone have particular recommendations or disrecommendations?
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