August 14th, 2005


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There was nothing actually wrong with today, but it wasn't quite right, most of the day, either.

I had a full day planned, with a variety of social engagements and errand-running. Of course, this meant some tight connections between activities, and between forgetting to schedule breakfast and having my timing influenced not only by my own needs but by someone else's, too. So, we got out of the house late, then took time for breakfast that we hadn't planned, and eventually got to our first event 2 hours late, and everything else was imilarly late from the original plan.

I hate being late. Even though I was late only by my own schedule, not, for the most part, inconveniencing anyone else, it put me on edge. I had that trying-to-catch-up feeling throughout everything, which wasn't helped, of course, by the frantic crowds at Costco, since it's no-sales-tax weekend here in MA. So that made me cranky, and, unfortunately, colored pretty much the whole day, which is unfortunate since on its face, it was a great day.

Other than the temperature. I'm officially ready for fall. Can it be fall now, please?
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So, apparently, the American Heart Association is sponsoring a campaign to increase awareness around cardiovascular disease. They've given it the unfortunate name of Boston Goes Red.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a terrible name for any campaign not coming out of the Republican party?