August 26th, 2005


going backwards from right now!

I'm in Aspen, CO! I've never been here before, but it's got that familiar western mountain tourist town feel to it. It's a lot like home, but not quite as nice ;)

The flights were uneventful, other than the fact that I'm a slow learner, which, in this case, meant that despite knowing how much early flights mess me up, I got tickets for an early flight (7am, which meant leaving the house around 5). Of course, knowing I have to get up at 4:30 meant that I didn't sleep very well or soundly because my mind kept thinking, "Hey! It's almost time to get up!" Stupid mind. I did doze on the Boston - Chicago leg AND the Chicago - Denver leg, so that's something.

Part of the reason that getting up so early was hard is, of course, that I stayed up too late packing. Now, that's my SOP, of course, because packing is one of my favorite things to procrastinate. However, I pushed it back even farther last night because I went to the second half of the contra at the VFW. It was great fun, as usual, despite a micromanaging partner for one set ("No, move your foot three inches forward for the swing. Right. And then lean back more...") Last week's contra was particularly awesome, and this week's was fun, but not at quite the same level. Nevertheless, it was the right choice, even if it did cause me to stay up later than was prudent.

The reason I only made it to the second half of the contra is because in the early part of the evening, I went to a hip hop dance workshop with Big Moves. I had waffled at the last minute about going to this, because of the packing issue and also because I always get cold feet before this sort of thing, but after a snack, I braced myself to try something new (I like trying new things! Except the 30 minutes before trying them.)

It was super super fun! Here's what I learned:
Hip hop dance is:
a) fun!
b) totally not my natural thing
c) fun!
d) way more postural attitude than I normally carry

So, I need more attitude, and for this, I think, more hip hop. I told Marina that she should do a full series, and I hope she does. It's a totally different way of moving, for me, and thus, good practice.

More, perhaps, later. For now, I'm off to sip drinks with the groom by the pool!