November 1st, 2005

prickly owl

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I knew that I had overdrawn on my social checking account, but I didn't realize quite how much I had done so. October was fabulous, but busy, and by the end of last weekend, although there were loads of people who I owed social time, I just couldn't bring myself to motivate to make plans. So I spent most of last week working during the day and relaxing in the evenings. By the end of the week, I was feeling much restored, and then, of course, I set myself back 3 or 4 days at the party Saturday night (though it was delightful to see all of you who were able to make it). I took it easy Sunday, had a fairly mellow yesterday, and I think by tomorrow, I may be back on my feet. We'll see, though; I suspect it'll still be another couple of weeks before I'm back in proactive social mode! It doesn't hurt to hole up a bit now, anyway, in advance of the busy Thanksgiving - New Year holiday season.

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If you were making up a list of the 50 things people should eat before they die, what would be on it? (Don't feel like you have to come up with 50 if that's too much :) An explanation of why something makes your list would be interesting, too.

I think I need a food icon.

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I'm going to do the Q&A thing slightly differently, because I didn't jump on it early. So, comment below with as many questions as you'd like to ask me, and I'll return the favor with approximately the same number of questions back at you.

I'll start with moominmolly's question for me:

You're an adventurous person. What is it that appeals to you about adventure, and what is one adventure you know you want to have before you die?

I think what I like about adventure is the opportunity to experience new things, which tends to open up pieces of myself that may not be easy to access through other means. And those pieces of myself are bits that I like very much, so I feel like I'm a better person -- more complete, more content, more sympathetic and empathetic, more creative, to name a few -- and more truly who I want to be when I'm having adventures. And adventures don't have to be running off to Guatemala for four months, either; an adventure can be trying a new recipe or meeting up with a new friend or just generally doing something you either haven't done before or that's a jog from your normal routine.

One adventure I know I want to have before I die? I'll ignore all the small ones, like making my own soft, bloomy rind cheese or the vague ones that would be interesting but don't really drive me, like walking the full outline of the US, and go with something big and at least reasonably likely to happen: I'd like to live in a foreign city, non English-speaking, for a chunk of time: find a job, like, a real job, make friends, develop a community, and come to feel like it's home, of a sort. For some reason, Buenos Aires springs to mind when I think of this, but Mexico City, Madrid and Barcelona all have some appeal.