November 2nd, 2005


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Today, I'm happy because the sun is shining through the colorful leaves like nature's stained glass. I'm happy because the wind is gusting and making shadows dance. I'm happy because I have a sleeping kitty on each side of me. I'm happy because tea is tasty. I'm happy because I'm happy.

Why are you happy today?

what does it mean when...?

What does it mean when you're at a restaurant, have finished your meal, one person has about an inch of their drink left... but you've paid and left a tip and are just chatting and finishing your drink... and your server asks, "Can I buy you another round?"

Does that mean, "Hey, people, if you're going to take up a table, buy something else,"? or, "I see that you're still sitting here and I thought I could offer you another drink, no charge," or something else?
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