December 2nd, 2005


blogs I read

Last night, lifecollage asked what blogs people read, and that made me think I ought to post them here. I'm pretty lazy, so mostly I read LJ and things that are handy to LJ so I don't have to remember to look elsewhere, but I also enjoy these two on a regular basis:

ClueChick (Text only, but not safe for work if profanity is a problem. Also has an lj feed at cluechick_feed)
mr. nice guy

Happy bday, miss_chance!

For her birthday, miss_chance requested that her friends do something for themselves that they've wanted or been meaning to do but haven't done, yet. And, then, of course, post about it. I think this is an unusually awesome idea (for the lj-verse, not for miss_chance, who often comes up with awesome ideas), so even though it's not her birthday, yet, I'm going to give her her gift, because, well, I'm impatient and excited:

For a few months, I've been thinking about taking voice lessons. Okay, actually, it's been since I got back from Guatemala, but I've been actually meaning to make it happen for a few months. And so, for miss_chance's birthday, I have scheduled myself a lesson for next week! If all goes well, this will become a regular weekly thing. I'm extremely excited. Woohoo!