December 22nd, 2005


Home for the holidays

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got distracted. A couple of edits are thus in order:

I have arrived safely in Wyoming, where it's cold and snowy raining and warm. The flight from Boston to SLC yesterday Tuesday was LONG, made longer by the fact that I was in the row before the exit row, which, of course, meant no reclining. I often don't recline at all, anyway, so this didn't seem like a big deal at the beginning of the flight, but after 5 hours, I was ready for a change. Fortunately, we arrived early and there was no rush to catch the JAC flight, which was only 30 minutes.

When flying into or out of JH, there's a reasonable chance that I'll run into someone I know, either on the plane or picking up/dropping off someone at the airport, and last night was no exception, as an old friend/former crush was on my flight from SLC, although we didn't see each other until we were actually on the ground in Wyoming. It IS a small world here, but in further small worldness, it turns out, he'd been on the BOS - SLC flight, too! So, we'll be getting together to catch up, either here or back in Boston in January.

Once home, I had a cookie and went to bed. Boots, the cat, kept my bed warm. Yay :)

new year's eve

In other news, new year's eve is coming up. I always have high expectations for NYE, and it never fails to disappoint, so I've been trying to change my approach the last couple of years. This year, I'm thinking I may make the day my spa day for the month, but I'm also thinking about doing either a lunch (dim sum?) or dinner (sushi? other ideas?), and I'm curious if anyone would be interested in joining for one or the other? If so, great. If not, I'll spa and take myself out :)

I think for the evening, I'll get a couple of good movies and enjoy a mellow evening at home. No offense to anyone who's throwing a party, but I've found NYE parties aren't my best element!