January 16th, 2006



As usual, Arisia was a blast. As usual, I didn't, technically, do most of the con, since I was at the party most of the time, but I did get downstairs here and there to see the dealers room and the art show. I think I've given up on trying to attend panels. I'm not much into the geekery of scifi fandom, and don't even get me started on the identity politics panels! Nevertheless, it's a great time -- a weekend made entirely upon the awesome people it draws.

It was great to see everyone I saw, briefly or not. The food was amazing -- I'm not much of a sandwich person, but the sammies from flour were incredible. I didn't get to try every kind, but, yummy. And their stuffed breads! Wow. I'll definitely be ordering from them again!

Although I know it's unusual for people to end up short on sleep during a con, somehow, I managed it. So, now, to bed.

EDIT: Oh, wait, how could I forget? Two things:

First, incredibly good tapas at Tapeo on Newbury St. I'll be going back there -- WAY better than Dali, and better prices. Probably better than Tasca, overall, but slightly more expensive and lacking the setas al jerez.

Second, 140 piece sushi platter from Shino Express for $100. Awesome. Smallish pieces, but, hell, at that price, who can complain??