January 20th, 2006


guilty pleasures

We can all agree on the orgasmic delight of a perfectly prepared rack of lamb or succulent fresh tomatoes... but also we all have some quiet, guilty pleasures, like Twinkies or potato chips. What are your guilty pleasures in the food realm?

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In food_porn, someone brought up the question of what Splenda is, which reminded me of this conversation, which happened over Thanksgiving here last fall, and which I've been meaning to post for a while:

Among our dinner guests were two chemists.

Chemist1: Do you know what sucralose is?
Chemist2: Sucralose?
C1: The stuff in Splenda.
C2: No, what is it?
C1: *in an outraged and incredulous voice* It's tri-chlorinated sucrose!
C2: *gasps and literally rears back in his seat in shock*
C1: And people eat it!!!
C2: Oh, my god.

Then they explained to the rest of us about how no one really bothers to test how toxic chlorinated organics are because mostly we don't have a need to know the difference between, "it'll kill you in a week," vs. "it'll kill you in a year" in the applications that such substances usually have.

I've always been very suspicious of fake sweeteners, and that conversation tipped me over the edge on Splenda, too. If I want sweet, I'll have regular old sugar and its compatriots: honey, molasses, maple syrup and the like.