January 22nd, 2006


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Man, oh, man. There's nothing like a good night's sleep after a happy and productive day. omegabeth and I spent most of the afternoon cooking and setting up the dining room for our fancy pants dinner. this was certainly the most ambitious meal I've been part of putting together, in terms of a sort of high end feel, and it was really fun. The menu is in omegabeth's journal, here.

The whole prep was super fun. Thursday night, we went to the Wine and Cheese Cask and had adventures buying -- believe it or not -- cheese and wine. I love fancy cheese shops; they're so full of potential! The gorgonzola picante was particularly good, and a couple of the soft cheeses whose names I failed to note, so I'll just have to go back to the W&CC for more. Tasty!

I also learned how to make chocolate pots de creme, which are far too easy for my own good, and creme brulee.

We think we should throw fancy dinner parties every couple of months. Since we have a French Laundry trip in April, that'll line us up right for fresh strawberry season for the next one. Mmmmm.

In other news, I leave Wednesday for a short week in Puerto Rico, half work, half fun. If anyone has recommendations for must-dos in San Juan (I don't expect to get out of the city much, if at all), let me know. Otherwise, I'll just have to sit on the beach all day, oh noes!

Anyway, all you all who I want to catch up with socially, how's February for you?