February 7th, 2006


spam poetry

It fricative may impress
I so blushingly offered to resign it
There uphill but anecdotal

Look at it from a new point of view
and not as a schoolboy
Who must not be allowed to go back

I must have shown as much
That gold plated antigone
Gone but not forgotten


I have a $10 off coupon for Tasca, my favorite tapas restaurant, which I need to use before next Monday. Thus, I will be partaking of tapas sometime this weekend. Would you care to join me?

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I would like to join Rosa for tapas on

Thursday, February 9
Friday, February 10
Saturday, February 11
Sunday, February 12
some other time

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The past week or so, I've been feeling short-tempered and generally grouchy, a symptom, I think, of a vague depression. The result of coming back from Puerto Rico? Just feeling bored with "winter"? Disappointed by the lack of snow? Who knows. Happily, there have been enough bright spots that it wasn't until this afternoon, when I was overreacting to a spreadsheet's lack of cooperation, that I really clicked into it.

I don't like being in a funk, so realizing that I'm in one always makes me even more grouchy, so the afternoon ended poorly. On the bright side, Tuesday is voice lesson day.

I'm loving these lessons. It's great to be learning something really new to me, and pushing on the fear I feel about it, and learning better how to use my voice. It's a fun challenge, and I come out of the lesson feeling good, a bit tired. It's a lot like I'd feel at the end of an hour of interpretation, actually -- a little less intense, but similar. I should do this sort of thing more. I like that feeling.

Afterwards, I swung through Diesel to catch the tail end of the meetup, and I got a sweet surprise kiss.

So the day ended well. That's a step in the right direction.