March 16th, 2006


Alas de Sobrevivencia

Remember Winged Migration? It's on the Spanish channel right now! In Spanish, it's Alas de Sobrevivencia (Wings of Survival). This is my ideal Spanish practice on TV, except, of course, that there's not that much in the way of speech in this one. But when I was in Guatemala, my favorite was the Discovery channel, because it's interesting, and it's realistic to understand, but it's not annoying like the damn telenovelas. Unfortunately, mostly what I have a chance to see in Spanish in Boston is telenovelas, and I just can't stomach them. I keep saying I'm going to look into getting Discovery in Spanish, but I keep not doing it. And because I don't like most of what's available on the Spanish channels, I just forget about them, which is unfortunate, because occasionally something good plays!

I've discovered, for reading, listening to, or watching Spanish stuff, the story has to really capture my attention, because as hard as it is to keep my attention on something that's only sort of interesting, if I have to do that while also putting a lot of attention on understanding the Spanish, I just won't have the energy to keep it up for long; I'll get bored and move on. (Unless I'm interpreting, which is a whole different level of the thing. But even interpreting is more fun when the topic is interesting.)

Anyway, Alas de Sobrevivencia! I'd forgotten what a lovely movie this is. I'm especially fond of the close-ups of the birds flying. Nature is so damn cool.

I'd also forgotten just how much I liked the soundtrack, and I may actually have to see if I can't get my hands on it. What is it about pensive, sad-sounding music that I like so much? I don't know why, but I do. Give me a song in a minor key that gives me shivers and I'll hit repeat every time.