March 20th, 2006


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I'm not going to be home much for the next couple of weeks. This weekend, Friday - Tuesday, I'll be in NYC, exploring. If there's anyone in NYC who I should be sure to visit, let me know.

Then, I'll be back for a few days, and then heading to San Francisco, where I will, I hope, see lots of people, in between a trip to the French Laundry and a work conference. For that, I'll be out of town from April 1-12.

Thus, I will be somewhat mythical until mid-April, unless you live in SF, in which case, I will be less mythical than usual.

adventures in cooking

Since I'm talking about food tonight, I figured it's a good time to share the lasagna lesson I learned this weekend:

If you run out of lasagna noodles, it is possible to use spaghetti for the pasta layer. If you do this, however, use less spaghetti than you think you need. It expands a lot. (My mom will recognize this as an infrequent recurring theme in my cooking adventures.) I don't particularly like spaghetti; it's my least favorite pasta shape, but for this, it worked very well.