March 28th, 2006


NYC Monday and Tuesday

Monday, I walked up Central Park West, to the Natural History Museum. It was a gorgeous day, and I enjoyed the sunshine and not wearing a coat. Then, I enjoyed not being a teacher trying to corral a large group of children in a huge museum. Oh, and the museum was fun. They have a Darwin exhibit up right now, which I found disappointingly dull, as it didn't have any information that was new to me, but that's partially because I've been on a bit of a kick of reading up about theories of evolution lately (this is almost entirely by chance rather than design; the books that grab my attention happen to be on the topic) but the butterfly exhibit was nice. I'm a sucker for butterflies.

I really did feel for all the teachers, though. What a nightmare field trip that would be.

The rocks and minerals were, unsurprisingly, my favorite section, and also the point at which I realized that I'd been there before. How could I not have remembered that when walking through the big entry or the other sections? Memory is not to be trusted. There was a Faberge citrine lion with ruby eyes that I wanted to take home with me, but they had it behind glass. Pity.

I then had lunch with a friend and he took me to Zabar's and other popular Upper West Side gourmet shops. So snooty! I got some fancy honeys to prove I'd been there.

From there back to my hotel for a bit of a rest, and then I went to the Empire State Building, figuring that dusk would be a nice time to go up. I was too impatient, however, for the hour wait, and instead I tried on hats at a touristy shop on 5th Ave (but didn't buy one, laurenhat.)

Tuesday, I only had a couple of hours in the morning before catching my bus, so I decided to play ultra-tourist and go to Rockefeller Center. Once there, I had to make up for not going up the Empire State Building Monday night, so I decided to go up to the top. It was totally worthwhile. I love high vantage points, and being able to see the city from there was just fantastic. Also, it was another gorgeous day, and really, it was perfect.

Then, I wanted to get the book on the Without Boundary exhibit at MoMA, so I hit their gift shop, but the book's versions of the pieces that were most exciting to me were so far off the versions that were displayed that I couldn't bring myself to buy it, after all. I may regret that later, but if so, I'm sure I'll be able to get it online. Meanwhile, of course, I'm scratching my head about the changes.

The bus ride back was uneventful, and I'm glad to be home, though sad to be going back to work tomorrow. But, hey, three day week! And then I get to go to California! Okay, my life doesn't suck.

notes for my next NYC trip

5 days is a good amount of time.

Stay somewhere other than midtown.

If you're going to walk 6+ miles a day, bring a damn backpack, because carrying even a light bag over one shoulder will make you unhappy.

Bring a friend or two: restaurant (and probably other) exploring is more fun with company.

LimoLiner is nice and fast.