April 11th, 2006


state of the Spanish

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon with my Guatemalan friend Claudia, which was great. I was happy to learn that my Spanish is at roughly the same level as the last time I had a long conversation in Spanish, which was the last time I was out here. Interestingly, my conversational fluency is higher: I'm speaking more easily and thinking about it less, but my grammar is worse. I caught myself making some really basic mistakes. Still, overall, I'm feeling pretty good about it!

The French Fucking Laundry

Of course, I was going to write about it the day after, but I haven't been able to wrap my head around the words to do it justice until now. And, to be fair, I'm still probably not going to pull it off. The short form, though, is that this was a whole different definition of food. And, also, wow. There was no choice of salt (though there was a choice of butter), but at no point, of course, did anything they served need seasoning by my inexpert hand, so that was just as well. Also, when trom went over earlier in the day, the woman he spoke with did refer to their salt tray, so I suspect that there may be occasional sightings of the rumored salt selection.

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We were back at the hotel by midnight, completely buoyant and jazzed and dizzy with delight.

Later, or tomorrow, I'll talk more about the service and other nice touches. Now, I'm having foodgasmic aftershocks in memory and can't type anymore.

And I seriously need a food icon.