April 27th, 2006

menorah dance


Thanks to cinnalynn's inspiring presence, I finally hit the Thursday night contra at its new location at Springstep in Medford Square. It was great to get out and dance, and I enjoyed it loads, even though the caller didn't blow me away.

I like the new space, but it's very different, and if I think of it as the same dance as the VFW, I think I wouldn't like it as much. As its own new thing, though, I like it.

The dances we danced tonight ranged from super fun and somewhat unusual to extraordinarily boring. There was one that basically consisted of balancing a ring three times, swinging your partner, balancing the ring again and then moving on. *yawn*

The last dance was my favorite though, even though I don't think my partner and I got it right once! It involved contra corners, which always give me fits, and I can only do them right if there are enough people in the line who know what they're doing so they can grab me and shove me in the right direction. In our line, that wasn't so much happening, but we had a blast, anyway. My partner (Kit? I'm pretty sure that's his name) didn't take it too seriously, and we spent a lot of time running around trying to be in the right place for the parts of the dance that we could do, which involved lots of spinning and twirling, so it was a total blast.

It reminded me, too, just how much a great dance (even if imperfectly executed) leaves me with a massive crush on my partner by the end of it. Foolishly, I didn't get his number.