June 9th, 2006


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As part of a newish grant we have in my office, we're putting up a blog to talk about news relating to women and science. We'll be commenting snarkily and, we hope, humorously on things like Larry Summers's stupid comments the other year, reports both good and bad of research both good and bad having to do with women in the sciences or scientific conclusions about gender differences.

Unfortunately, however, we suck at coming up with names, and we'd like our blog to have a catchy name. Any bright ideas out there?

pet peeves #442 (restaurant edition)

"Are you still working on that?"

No. No, I'm not. When I'm dining out, I'm almost never working, and if I am, what I'm working on is not the food, but rather the pile of papers next to my plate. If it's work for me to eat the food you've served me, you can be sure that even if I'm still hungry, I will let you take the plate. If, however, it's acceptably good, I am not working on it.

What I hate about this is that it turns the enjoyment of a meal into a mechanical process, and somehow it always feels like there's some implication of a duty on my part to keep slogging away until I'm good and done.

I've yet to come up with a satisfactory response to this question that indicates in a friendly way that the question is all wrong while also conveying the information the server wants.

Preferred approaches include: "Are you still enjoying your meal?" or "Have you finished enjoying your meal?" That's obviously the best, but also acceptable are: "Can I clear this for you or are you still dining?" or "Have you finished eating?"


I have a friend visiting from Wyoming this Sunday, and as she'll be in Boston, she wants to have seafood. I don't often go out specifically for seafood, so I turn to you all:

What's your favorite seafood restaurant in the area? Bonus points if it's in a fun neighborhood.

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The food theme of the day is lemony items that aren't as lemony as they should be.

First, I tried a lemon drop martini, which was tasty, but not the concentrated tart-sweet that I expected.

Second, I made Sexy Lemon Bars, which are, indeed, delicious, but more buttery than lemony. More experimentation is needed. My roommates sound horrified at the thought. Uh huh.