July 17th, 2006


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It has been way too long since I visited razil and blivious, so it was great to see them this weekend. omegabeth, dbang and I drove up Friday afternoon (note to self: traffic sucks; don't ever buy a car), which was really fun, and we gorged ourselves on steamers and lobster once we had arrived. Little Cyrus is still little, but not as little!

There's a strange validation for me in having a kid, especially a really little one, accept me: be content being held by me or playing with me or what have you. I'm pretty relaxed and easy with kids of most ages, and they're not really a point of stress for me, but, especially with very young kids who don't really know me, there's always that moment of, "Hm, I'm really a stranger. Will [kid] be okay with me?" Although I don't take it personally if a kid does have stranger anxiety or not want to be held by me, especially if s/he doesn't know me, I really love it when it's no big deal.

While shopping downtown before catching the bus back yesterday, I bought a bottle of extra yummy 18 yo balsamic vinegar. (Psst, moominmolly, you'll like it!) And we got sandwiches at a place that makes its french fries in duck fat. The verdict on that, unsurprisingly, is yum. I obviously need to cook duck more often.

The drink report: We had bushwackers Friday night, of course; it's not a visit to Maine without at least one batch. Saturday, we tried a rum drink called the silent broadsider. I thought it was very tasty, but the overall verdict was that maybe it could use a little doctoring to be less rummy. Next time I'm up there, we'll try out folks' suggestions for storming the castle and report back!

I guess summer has arrived. I'd complain, but my tomato plants are setting fruit, so I'm happy.

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My office would like to find a journalist type to write a case study on a political piece my boss did a few years ago: the topic, how it was received, why it was received as it was, etc. Does anyone out there know a journalist who would be good at and would enjoy doing something like this?

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I keep reloading the weather forecast page, subconsciously not realizing that I've already looked at it 20 times this morning, and hitting it again is unlikely to change what it says.
looking up

life advice?

As I've commented, I love reading graduation speeches, because it's so interesting to hear what advice people give to people just starting out on adulthood. Even though I've been an adult (by some definition of it) for about a decade now, I still learn a lot from this sort of thing.

What nugget of advice would you give to people on their way through life? Would it be different for recent graduates or others? How?

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Shockingly, the overpriced sports-bar-cum-upscale-restaurant 400 Highland seems to have closed its doors. I'm sorry I didn't get back for a last ginger lime gimlet, but otherwise, seeya.

In other news, I'm very tempted to throw down a pile of blankets and sleep on the porch tonight. It's actually pleasant out right now.

Tomorrow, I will hie myself to air conditioning, because I think the reason I didn't get anything done today is that I was busy being overwarm.

I like summer. I like summer. I like summer.

(I especially like the cooling thunderstorms.)