August 2nd, 2006


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I get the best/weirdest pickup attempts:

Yesterday, I was at Diesel, wearing one of my many colorful sundresses, and a man at the counter struck up a conversation about how colorful my dress was, and how great it is and all that. Today, I'm back at Diesel, and wearing a different colorful dress, and the same man came up to me, saying, "Wait, weren't you...? I just had to say hi! I like your colors!"

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You are at a public place, say, for example, a coffee shop, with tables and chairs, sofas and other soft seating and the like. Two people arrive and decline the available chairs in favor of sitting on the floor, inches from your feet.

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Is this strange?



I had a really, really great birthday dinner at L'Espalier last Friday night, thanks to the wonderful company. Unfortunately, no credit goes to the restaurant, which blew it in a number of ways. Collapse )

We'll see if and how they respond. In the meantime, I strongly disrecommend L'Espalier for folks in Boston looking for truly fine food.