August 23rd, 2006


name that name

I've been thinking a lot about my name recently, because several people have asked in the last three months or so how to pronounce it: "Rosa" or "Roza"? The answer is that both are correct. No, really, I don't care. I say it with a soft "s", but I didn't always, and most people say it more like it's a "z", and that's totally fine. On occasion, someone who doesn't know me well will use the more Spanish pronunciation, and I prickle because it seems like they're being overly familiar (unless I'm in Guatemala, naturally), but I figure if that's how I'm introducing myself, I'll have to get over it. However you're saying it is, no doubt, fine, and you should continue as you have begun. I actually like that different people say my name differently; it's kind of like having a personalized name from each person.

That said, you'd better know it's okay for you to call me a variation of my name that involves changing letters before you actually call me "Rose" or "Rosie".

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