September 4th, 2006


Adventures in Colorado

Man, it's nice to be home and to have slept in my own bed! I love my bed.

I had a great trip to Colorado, some tidbits of which you saw in pictures. I was there for work, but I stayed a bit of extra time to hang out with my brother, who drove down from Laramie to meet me in Denver. The work part of the trip went quite well, happily, and I got to visit a family friend who was a big part of my young childhood, but who I haven't seen in probably 12 or 14 years. That was great, too! And, of course, I got to visit with the new Coloradan heinleinfan Friday afternoon in a cute little coffee shop in the "new" end of town. I'm likely to be spending a fair amount of time in C Springs this year for one of our projects, and I'm looking forward to getting to be in the west a bit. I might even manage to do some skiing!

(I've given up on skiing in the east, for the most part. It's so expensive, and the conditions are so sucky, it just doesn't seem worth the hassle. But in Colorado? Aw, yeah.)

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