September 10th, 2006


Greece doesn't suck

Although the travel portion of this trip wasn't my favorite (I don't really sleep on planes unless I'm really exhausted, and since I slept fine on Wednesday night, the 5:30 departure on Thursday wasn't late enough for me to feel tired. We got to Paris around 6AM local time, had an hour layover before our flight to Athens, and arrived at our hotel there at about 2:30PM after taking the metro and subway. By then, of course, I was cranky and overtired, so I sent omegabeth and Lisa off to explore the city while I tried to nap. I did succeed, fitfully, for a couple of hours, and then we traded: they slept while I wandered around. Though I was careful to pay attention to where I was, I missed one turn and spent a short while quite disconcertedly lost. Obviously, however, I found my way again, and I got back in time for a shower before wandering out for dinner.
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I seem to be having trouble logging into my regular email account using putty, which is my typical approach when traveling. If you want to send me email (or lj comments) that I see before I return to the US on the 17th, you should email me at roaraborealis at gmail.