September 19th, 2006


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Today's bizarre email:

Hi. I was searching online for Fox's U-Bet Syrup in a glass jar with a pump dispenser and wound up following a link that led to your email
address. I know this is a long shot but is there any chance you have any of these jars available for sale? Thank you.

A few years ago, I bought penk a case of U-Bet. Did I post to some message board about it? I wonder.

want or need?

Things I need:

- a good night's sleep, preferably 9 or more hours
- a massage
- sushi
- an extra day this week

Things I want:

- teleportation
- to be pampered for an evening (more would be okay)
- to have gone into Paris yesterday morning for cheese, ridiculous RER fare be damned
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When planning our trip, we knew we'd be spending both our first and last nights in Athens. The first night, we figured, we'd be pooped, but the last, surely we'd need a special dinner to cap our time in Greece. omegabeth handed me a list of restaurants that looked interesting, and I picked Varoulko, to which she responded, "That's the one Michelin rated restaurant in Athens with a Greek chef!" I took this to mean I'd chosen correctly.

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We sat down a few minutes after 8:30 and left shortly before 1AM. Not too shabby!

If you like fish, you should, by all means, eat at Varoulko. And if you like spectacular views, you should be sure to dine there when you can get a seat on the terrace.

(omegabeth's review is here.)
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