October 11th, 2006

menorah dance

Twilight Covening, take 1

I'll be writing about Twilight Covening in fits and spurts, as I can find the time and words to make it make sense. I'm finding I'm most able to say interesting things about it in response to specific questions, since that gives me a shape to work with.

People keep asking if it was good, and my response is that "good" would be an oversimplification. It was cool and wifty and alienating and weird and fun and challenging, among other things. I'll almost certainly do it again next year. So, yes, if I'm going to oversimplify, I could say it was good.

I'm looking forward to figuring out where to go next with my personal explorations, specifically relating to the work I started in the spring with permaculture camp and thinking about natural systems and my connection to them.

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you're too good for them!

Let's say you have a friend. You love this friend, or like them loads and loads, and you want all the best for them. And they're dating someone you don't like. How do you handle this?

Yes, yes, it ranges: Sometimes, you don't like the partner, but it's just a personality thing. Sometimes, the partner is actively bad for your friend. And, of course, sometimes, the partner is actively DANGEROUS to your friend. They all take different approaches. But there's no good way to deal with this, so far as I can tell, and, of course, it happens all the time because someone forgot to appoint me Grand Mistress of Relationship Approvals.

(Note: If you think this post is about you and/or your partner, it's not. It's inspired by long experience and a recent conversation with a friend who's not on lj.)
moon path

Twilight Covening, take 2

Posts with actual emotional content will follow, eventually. This is a purely superficial post about Twilight Covening:

Favorite parts:

* Opening and closing circles: I loved the Spiral Dances. Loved them.
* Releasing fire: I had a glimpse of something profoundly powerful here, though just a glimpse. I look forward to finding a way to explore this more fully.
* Clan work, specifically sensedep lunch (taking turns feeding a blindfolded, earplugged partner) and the blindfolded dance. The dance was far and away the most profound and moving part of the weekend for me.
* Gazing.
* Broadly challenging myself and my belief system, and finding it both supported and undermined in interesting ways.

Least favorite parts:

* Passing energy balls: Not only do I not "feel" them, but I don't get why this exercise would be interesting, in general.


* I'm extremely glad to have had the companionship of several people I knew, but to have had no one I knew in my clan with me.

Most disappointing:

* I was completely wiped out after the blindfolded dancing, which led to my falling asleep and missing all of the Saturday night rituals. On the bright side, I did not have a cold for the Sunday ritual, which made sleeping 12 hours Saturday worthwhile.