October 18th, 2006


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This evening, I was treated to a new come-on: After a pleasant conversation with someone new, as she was leaving, she handed me a card, which I thought was a business card. It read, "[name] thinks you're cute! ;)" and included her email and phone number. How geekycute is that?


I drink a lot. No, not alcohol. Mostly, I drink water, but I find I get bored of plain water. It's so flat and watery. Sometimes, I drink it with lemon or lime squeezed in, but I don't always have lemons or limes around. And it's still flat! So, really, I drink a lot of seltzer. Unchecked, I can easily go through two liters of seltzer in a day.

This is a pain when I go shopping. Water is heavy! Plus, it offends my sensibilities to pay for water at the supermarket. Also, it's been trucked from who knows where? What a waste of resources! And that's not to mention the plastic bottles that trail in my wake. Ugh.

Over the years, I've considered buying seltzer-makers, but the ones I was familiar with were the canisters with a one-shot cartridge. Great, I'm not trucking water all over the place, but I'm still throwing something away after each bottle I drink. And instead of recyclable plastic, it would be a small, heavy, metal shot. Great.

I was stymied until this summer, when cinnalynn told me about her great soda maker. I got to try it out while house-sitting for her and her family in June, and after that, I immediately ordered one for myself. It has one large carbonator with enough CO2 for (they approximate) 110 liters, which, when you finish it, they will come take away for reuse, while, at the same time, dropping off a fresh one for you! This rocks.

I have been gleeful about this ever since getting it, as anyone who's come to my house knows. ("Can I get you a beverage? Water?" "Sure, I'll have some water, thanks!" "Would you like sparkling or still? *glee!*") Also, it makes crazy noises. And you can make your water as bubbly or not bubbly as you like. This thing is the best.

If you drink seltzer, I highly recommend Soda-Club. They also sell syrup to make your own soda (regular or diet). If you want to see how it all works, I'd be happy to invite you over for a glass of sparkling water. Also, if you get one and you have a need for the soda syrups, let me know, because the starter kit comes with a bunch, and I don't use them.
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Oh, yeah, also:

Once you have your seltzer maker, you can try this:

Mostly fill a glass with seltzer. Add fancy vinegar to taste. Sip and enjoy!

(Recommended vinegars: any variety of Cuisine Perel, fancy fruity balsamics, plain old delicious aged balsamics...)