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ruthless compassion
01 December 2006 @ 10:13 am
From the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act:

"WOMAN.—The term ‘woman’ means a female human being who is capable of becoming pregnant, whether or not she has reached the age of majority."

Now, setting aside any objections to the intended effect of the bill, what the...??
ruthless compassion
01 December 2006 @ 12:45 pm
dancingwolfgrrl recently suggested that I was responsible for bringing the phrase "boy howdy" into use in my social circle when we were talking about invented terms. I obviously didn't invent that one (though, to my knowledge, I did invent "wifty", and I'm delighted to hear other people use it), but I do use it a lot more than most folks. This got me to thinking about what other expressions or turns of phrase people might associate with me. Does anything like that stand out from the conversations you've had with me?