December 6th, 2006


stupid moods

After rather longer than it should take me to clue into these things, it occurs to me that I'm depressed. How can I tell? I'm having a hard time motivating myself to get much done, especially routine, not-very-exciting stuff. You know, the stuff that it's really important to keep up with? Yeah, that. So, then, of course, I feel crappy for not doing it. Stupid.

I'm also short-tempered and bitchy. Well, okay, I'm bitchy all the time, but not usually short-tempered!

Curiously, while this is all happening on one side, I have a couple of really excellent, happy-making things on the other side, which continues to be confusing. So maybe I'm not depressed at all, and, instead, am simply lazy. In either case, the treatment is clear: get stuff done. This will make me stop feeling shitty about being lame.


Thanksgiving foods

I've had several requests for the recipes I used for the things I made for Thanksgiving. I'm finally getting around to entering them!

First, the multi-grain bread I made is here. I made it with 7-grain cereal and King Arthur's new "white whole wheat" flour, which is whole wheat with the whole parts ground finer than they were able to do in the past, so it's smoother and more like white flour in texture and appearance. I liked it and will be playing around with it more in the future.

Next, the tart! Listed as a Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Whipped Cream Tart in December's Bon Appetit, this was really quite rich and tasty. I think I'll try the same concept with a moussier filling at some point, but a couple of people told me that they really liked the filling as is, so I might try it again, too. I cut back on the amount of chocolate and it was still powerfully chocolatey, so if you, like me, are more of a milk chocolate person than a dark chocolate one, you will want to adjust accordingly.

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I also tried a vegetarian version of my delicious mushrooms.
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