December 27th, 2006


travel woes

So much for sleeping in my bed tonight. A series of cancelled flights has things mucked up here in JH, and my best hope is to fly to SLC tonight and then on to BOS in the morning, assuming the 6:30 flight actually takes off. I sure do hope it does. If not, I wonder what a one way car rental would cost?

I guess this is payback for my perfect travel day on my way west.

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I'm still in JAC, after several flight cancellations today, due to weather here. So, no dice on seeing my bed tonight. Sad!

I considered renting a car to drive to SLC for the early flight to BOS tomorrow, but ultimately decided a 5+ hour drive in the snowy dark wasn't that appealing. My brother gets all the good sibling points for making not one, not two, but three trips to the airport. (One to drop me off, during which he hung around long enough to know I wasn't going to get off the ground, so we went home. Another to drop me off for real, which he did. And finally, one to pick me up when the last flight didn't arrive.)

The earliest I can possibly arrive in BOS tomorrow, at this point, is 10PM. Here's hoping.