January 7th, 2007


appreciating happiness

Today is a great day to appreciate being happy. How can I complain about a beautiful, sunny October day, even if it is January? It was one of my favorite sorts of days: sunny, cool, clear. I swear, this kind of day could lift me out of the deepest funk, though it wouldn't have been so perfect if I'd been in the mood to curl up on the sofa with a book or a movie. How seredipitous, then, that I was in the mood to run errands out and about.

Whether due to the weather or the stars or the tides or hormones or, oh, I don't know, just plain old awesome life, I'm having one of those days of deep contentment and satisfaction. I have a warm, wonderful home that I can fill with warm, wonderful people, not to mention the warm and wonderful people who live here much or all of the time. I have lots of great friends who can perk me up even when they don't realize I need perking up, and I have people who I, too, can perk up.

I've been struck several times this week how unexpectedly life can turn, and how insights catch up to me when I'm looking the other way, like magic. It also makes me think that the items that I'm worrying at any given moment are, perhaps, the ones most in need of being tucked away so I can catch a glimpse of the insights related to them out of the corner of my eye, rather than setting them on the front burner and waiting for them to boil. But today, that doesn't really matter, because life is deeply, richly great.
menorah dance

Blind dancing: Sunday, February 11

As you all may recall, one of the events I wanted to organize after Twilight Covening was a blindfolded dance. Well, my crazy busy fall is past and I'm now into crazy busy winter, but I have selected a tentative date. I will be taking some of my copious free time this week to figure out the location, but for now, the date I'm looking at is Sunday, February 11.

I am fantasizing that this will be a big hit and I can put it on every couple of months, but for now, I'm starting with the one. This will be open to friends and friends of friends and maybe even friends of friends of friends, which should pretty much cover the entire Boston area.

I'll be looking for spotters (and dancingwolfgrrl and I will do a small introduction to spotting before the main event begins) as well as welcoming dancers. Stay tuned for more details!

[EDIT: date changed from 2/18 to 2/11.]