January 16th, 2007


still not well-rested

It turns out that going to sleep at 6PM, sleeping for three hours, reading for two, hoping for an hour to fall back asleep and then finally sleeping from midnight until 8:30 is a necessary but not sufficient approach to only sleeping from 5:30-9AM the night before.

Whom did that?

Poll #908025 Who/whom

Which is more bothersome:

"who" in place of "whom"
"whom" in place of "who"
both are equally bothersome
I don't really know the difference, so I don't really care
I know the difference, but I don't really care
wedding smile

El Sueño por Pablo Neruda

El sueño

Andando en las arenas
yo decidí dejarte.

Pisaba un barro oscuro
que temblaba,
y hundiéndome y saliendo
decidí que salieras
de mí, que me pesabas
como piedra cortante,
y elaboré tu pérdida
paso a paso:
cortarte las raíces,
soltarte sola al viento.

Ay, en ese minuto,
corazón mío, un sueño
con sus alas terribles
te cubría.

Te sentías tragada por el barro,
y me llamabas y yo no acudía,
te ibas, inmóvil,
sin defenderte
hasta ahogarte en la boca de arena.

mi decisión se encontró con tu sueño,
y desde la ruptura
que nos quebraba el alma,
surgimos limpios otra vez, desnudos,
sin sueño, sin arena,
completos y radiantes,
sellados por el fuego.


You know what's awesome? Life. Life is awesome. Seriously. It is great! Think of all the great things you have in your life! Aren't we lucky?

Today, my life is awesome for a lot of reasons, including, but not limited to:

* For the first time, possibly ever in my life, I ran 20 minutes without stopping and it felt good. (There will be a whole post about this soon.)

* Through what feels like simple serendipity, my life is chock full of incredibly amazing people.

* Winter has finally arrived!

* I received so many compliments this weekend that I will not fit into any of my hats for at least a month. Which means, hey! hat shopping!

* Tonight will be the second attempt at the first session of my ASL class.

Why is your life awesome?