January 19th, 2007


pet peeves

This morning's pet peeve is people who say that not procreating is pure selfishness. Paired with the classic "men are threatened by educated women," it's even better. And by "better", of course, I mean that it really lets me feel righteously indignant upon reading it...

Boston area wood

Are any of you Boston area people likely to be doing any tree trimming this spring? I'd like to get a couple of mushroom logs going, and the best wood to use is relatively fresh-cut hardwood.

Ideally, I'd end up with a handful of logs (not branch trimmings) by March or April so I can have a spawn innoculation day in the spring and give the mycelium a good, long start over the summer.

If you or someone you know is going to end up with some freshly cut logs, let me know!

(Also, some of you were interested in doing this last year, but I never got my act in gear. I will almost certainly be ordering oyster and lion's mane mushrooms, and possibly reishi and/or chicken of the woods.)

the price of cheese

Last week, I went into Trader Joe's saying, "I want to buy $100 worth of cheese."

moominmolly, little N and I stood in front of the cheeses for about five minutes, picking the ones that looked tasty until I looked in the cart and said, "I haven't been paying attention to prices. I have no idea how much this is. But it looks like enough, right?"

M said, "Right!"

At the checkout: $93.47