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ruthless compassion
04 February 2007 @ 10:01 am
* Sleeping as late as I want under just a sheet in soft, tropical air.

* Waking up to desiringsubject making me awesome coffee (side note: I have learned on this trip how I like coffee) in bed.

* Rolling out of bed into a swimsuit and a trip to the beach.

What doesn't suck for you today?
ruthless compassion
04 February 2007 @ 09:18 pm
It's curious to find myself knowing my way around Old San Juan. "Oh, there's the piragua stand where I got a piragua last year!" "Ah, here's my favorite dress shop!" I mean, sure, the whole city is 5 blocks by 10, but even so, it's not like I really know anything about it. Still, desiringsubject and I had a very wonderful wander around today, and I had piragua de coco, and we walked to El Campo de Morro and watched tons of kites (I counted 42, but I wasn't wearing my glasses, so there might have been more) flying over the vast expanse of grass that leads to the fort, and had a bunch of really interesting conversations.

We also went to my favorite dress shop, where I stocked up on awesome dresses, including some for the folks who had made requests. I also got a couple of different styles, including a white one that's very sweet and might be awesome for tie-dyeing. The shopkeepers, an older couple, were very nice and helpful, and the woman complimented me on my pretty Spanish, which is a fast and easy way to make me well-disposed to someone. It's utterly delightful to be speaking Spanish, even a little, and even with the vast confusion of when to use which language.

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