March 5th, 2007


glasses slip

I've had eyeglasses, which I almost never wear, for years. About a year ago, I thought I should have my eyes checked out, and the prescription increased slightly, and I got a new pair. I have mostly worn them when driving, though not always even then, unless I'm going to need to read unfamiliar street signs. But recently, I've been finding them helpful more often than not, so I've started wearing them about half the time, give or take.

And there's a problem: they slip down! Does this mean they're sized wrong, or that my nose is the wrong shape and I just have to deal with it, or maybe it's just a feature of glasses? There is a place on my nose they can sit for a long time, but then I feel like a stern librarian, which is only the desired effect some of the time.
iris portrait

(no subject)

Whilst querying the internet for information on vision restricting contact lenses, I am reminded of the broad range of things that make my eyes water, including, but not limited to:

*people with or images of:
- bloodshot eyes
- teary eyes
- sweaty people, especially sweaty faces
- sunburned people, especially faces
* yawning
* thinking hard about yawning
* seeing someone else yawn (infrequently)
* sneezing (but this happens to everyone, right?)
* tweezing facial hair
menorah dance

Blind dance

This is a reminder!

The next blind dance will be this Sunday, March 11, 3pm-5pm at the Dance Complex in Central Square (536 Mass Ave, Cambridge). We will be in Studio 1.

Like last time, this is open to friends and friends of friends, so feel free to spread the word. Kids are welcome if they are old/big enough to have their own experience here, or if they are supervised so they don't become hazardous to dancers who can't see them.

I suggest you wear clothing that's comfortable for dancing, which will include any movement you like, up to and including rolling around on the floor. No shoes are allowed in the studio! You might also like to have a snack or water with you.

As ever, I would love to know ahead of time approximately how many people to expect. If you know you'll be there, please let me know! If you have told me in another electronic forum, you don't need to tell me again unless you want to, but if you've only said yes in person, I may not remember.

If you have music that you think would be good for this, I will happily take suggestions or potential contributions to the playlist!