April 6th, 2007


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This week, I had a hand in changing the world:

Last week, on my work blog, I posted this about a Discovery Channel job ad looking for male engineers. I was cranky.

In preparation for WAM, my boss and I put the ad into a new project we're putting together to pilot at WAM -- a media action board, where people can post examples like this and who to complain to about them, to make it easy for people to take action.

While going through our example of the board, one of the women in our session said, "Wait, this is a real ad? I know [someone high up at Discovery] and she's an ardent feminist, and I can't believe she would be okay with this! I'm going to email her tomorrow!!"

The result? The Discovery Channel is Not Happy. Pat blogged about it yesterday here.

The whole thing is still peevey, but I feel good to have had a hand in ruffling some feathers at the Discovery Channel about it!
menorah dance

REMINDER: Blind Dance! Sunday, April 8, 10:30am

From this post:

The next blind dance will be Sunday, April 8, 10:30am - 1pm at the Dance Complex in Central Square (536 Mass Ave, Cambridge). We will be in Studio 1.

As always, this is open to friends and friends of friends, so feel free to spread the word. Kids are welcome if they are old/big enough to have their own experience here, or if they are supervised so they don't become hazardous to dancers who can't see them.

I suggest you wear clothing that's comfortable for dancing, which will include any movement you like, up to and including rolling around on the floor. No shoes are allowed in the studio! You might also like to have a snack or water with you. I will have spare blindfolds and handkerchiefs, but if you have one you like, bringing it is a good idea, too.

As ever, I would love to know ahead of time approximately how many people to expect. If you know you'll be there, please let me know!

If you have music that you think would be good for this, I will happily take suggestions or potential contributions to the playlist!

[ETA: What is this? A blind dance is a dancing event where dancers wear blindfolds as a way to change their experience of dancing. Depending on the level of spotting -- which will vary based on who and how many people are at any given event -- there will be one or more spotters who aren't blindfolded and will keep an eye on things. If you want to attend to dance or spot or both, you're welcome.]