April 18th, 2007


Happy list!

On my happy list today:

* full fat yogurt
* music music music!
* Bed. How I love bed.
* crushes
* learning
* dancing (who wants to go dancing with me sometime soon?)
* space heaters
* kitty!

What's on your happy list?

Roberto Juarroz: Poesía Vertical. Número 1

Poesía Vertical. Número 1

Una red de mirada
mantiene unido al mundo,
no lo deja caerse.
Y aunque yo no sepa qué pasa con los ciegos,
mis ojos van a apoyarse en una espalda
que puede ser de dios.
Sin embargo,
ellos buscan otra red, otro hilo,
que anda cerrando ojos con un traje prestado
y descuelga una lluvia ya sin suelo ni cielo.
Mis ojos buscan eso
que nos hace sacarnos los zapatos
para ver si hay algo más sosteniéndonos debajo
o inventar un pájaro
para averiguar si existe el aire
o crear un mundo
para saber si hay dios
o ponernos el sombrero
para comprobar que existimos.

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Poll #968900 Pardon me?

Someone has just said something you couldn't make out. What's the classiest response?

Pardon? or Pardon me?

(Yes, only two choices. Deal with it.)

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As most, if not all, of you know, one of my projects at work -- FairerScience.org -- includes a blog where my boss and I post a few times a week. It's here.

Slightly relatedly, we've just launched a new site, MediaActionBoard.org, which we hope will be a community resource for people to learn about and respond to bad gender juju in the public realm. This isn't specifically focused on science, though we'll be using this model as the basis for a research action board shortly. We launched the Media Action Board this week, and we're welcoming comments on functionality and appearance, as well as content.