April 24th, 2007


Chocolate Madness!!

You may recall that last year around this time, omegabeth and I went to the NARAL Chocolate Madness fundraiser. If you don't and you want to read about it, my review is here.

Tonight, omegabeth and I returned, this time accompanied by dbang, dancingwolfgrrl, qwrrty and sandhawke. This allowed for more effective sharing of the larger portions, though we didn't always do a good job of coordinating.

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Overall, this was a delicious and satisfying evening, and I got to see several people who I haven't seen since last year's Chocolate Madness.

Oh! And I can't believe I almost forgot this part: This being a fundraiser, there were, of course, raffle tickets, and several of us bought some. I think omegabeth and I ended up getting 20 between the two of us, and we ended up winning 3 prizes! I got two.

The first is a one-year subscription to Edible Boston, a magazine whose existence I didn't even know about before this evening. "Edible Boston is a new quarterly magazine that celebrates the diverse food and delicious culture of the Greater Boston Area. Brimming with engaging stories and enticing photographs, Edible Boston defines and honors Boston cuisine, advocates for preserving food traditions, savors food experiences, and pulls back the curtain on where Boston's food comes from." Gosh. Okay!

The second is a beautiful, big ceramic serving bowl. It's blue on the outside and yellow on the inside, and it has a lovely decorative rim and is just perfect for someone who, at recent dinner events, has been thinking to herself, "You know what I need? Some nice serving bowls!" This came from Fire Opal in Brookline, which means it was crazy expensive, and I'm totally psyched and it's super pretty!

Hooray for chocolate and good causes. Though, boo for the need for this particular one.
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