April 27th, 2007


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I'm going to be helping out at chillguru's circus on Sunday, probably mostly by taking tickets at the door and possibly also by telling people where to go (nicely, of course). And I'm supposed to be in something kind of costumey! What should I wear?

No, really: What should I wear?
martini hands

drinks and place

Last night, after going to the Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band rehearsal and getting a sneak preview of Sunday's show, I wanted to go out for a drink. Now, normally when I go out for a drink, I'll go to Orleans, 'cause they have the awesome couches and delicious froofy drinks (the chocolate peppermint martini is to die for). But also, the crowd is basically my crowd: late-20s to late-30s yuppy types. There are always some trendy long-haired blonde girls in jeans and black t-shirts, but there are also always some people who look like they'd be interesting to talk to.

But last night, Orleans was closed for a private party, so dancingwolfgrrl and I went to the Joshua Tree, instead. This was kind of anthropologically fun and interesting, because it made me realize how very much not my crowd a bunch of college sports fans are.

So that was interesting, but I don't really feel like I got my relaxing drink out of my system, even though the margarita was good and tasted like summer.

Going West

This week, I bought my tickets to SF for Bay to Breakers, which means that I can keep waffling as much as I want, but like it or not, I'm going. Yay!

I'll be emailing those of you out there whose email addresses I have, 'cause I hope to see lots of you, but I'm posting here, too, because I know I'll overlook someone, possibly multiple someones.

I'm still ironing out details beyond my flights (Wednesday, May 16, midday - Tuesday, May 22, midday) and my plans to run Bay to Breakers on Sunday, May 20 in the morning. There's some noise being made about a possible picnic at the end of the race. Beyond all that, everything's up in the air. If you want to see me while I'm out there, drop me a line!