April 30th, 2007


What a pain in the... knee

Back in December, early in my running experiment, I started having knee pains, which I treated by taking a week off running at all and then never running on cement anymore, and that was entirely effective in dealing with the pains, which was great. About a month ago, I started having similar knee pain, especially after longer runs, and after a couple of weeks of dealing with it somewhat haphazardly and with recognizable denial, I decided that I ought to see a physical therapist, but probably first, I should talk to someone who knows bones and joints. So I made an appointment to see an orthopedist and then had to twiddle my thumbs for a couple of weeks worrying about what he would say.

During that time, I thought of all the possible outcomes I could, from, "Hey, it's no big deal. Ice, ibuprofen and these new exercises," to, "Stop running immediately," to, "Wow, you're lucky your knee's lasted this long. Let's replace it tomorrow, 'kay?" I decided that I was basically fine with any outcome that concluded with my still being able to run and not needing surgery. But I worried that that wasn't realistic. So, needless to say that I had a restless and anxious night last night.

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So, it's not a total, "It's no big deal. Ice and ibuprofen." But it's close enough to my best case scenario that I'm relieved and happy. I'm also pleased to be seeing a physical therapist and I hope I learn some good stuff from that.

email etiquette

You're writing an email (invitation, announcement, whatever) to a bunch of people -- 10-15, say. Do you put them all in the To: field, the Cc: field, or the Bcc: field? Is it different for different circumstances? How do you feel when people do it the non-preferred way?